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My name is Rich Giordano from Phoenix, Az. I began skywatching on April 15th, 2004 and got my first sighting on video June 6th, 2004.

I always had an interest in UFOs for as long as I can remember but never truely believed it was happening worldwide until I saw it for myself. I was a true skeptic/believer.

Since June 6th, 2004 I have taped several hours of unexplained lights, formations and humanoid type UFOs and have familiarized myself with the history of UFOs simultaneously.

This did come with a price though. I've been followed and I captured it all on tape, my car broken into, my house had an attempted break-in and my phones and emails tampered with. After a while you know when they are listening and watching. Strangers sitting in parked cars with black window tint and seeing the same person everywhere you go. I kept telling myself that it's just a coincidence so I wouldn't become paranoid.

I have been married for 5 years and work as a financial advisor for a major bank. I am the guy next door who loves sports and works out everyday blending in with society. I am no different then you except that I videotape UFOs.

I am showcasing my sightings on my own UFO website called This website also contains all the current UFO sightings from around the world with many videos, pictures and links to other UFO websites.


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