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Quila Rider has been in the nursing field for over 30 years in the Critical Care areas and Obstetrics. She became a Certified Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practioner due to her interest in Women's Health.

She became increasingly frustrated at the fact that no one is getting better in the use of drugs, medications and surgery now used in the medical field. The system is set up so no one makes any money if people get well, so the system is geared toward illness, not wellness.

Along with her work in the Allopathic system, she has studied Natural Medicine for over 25 years and has her PhD in Complementary Medicine. This includes acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese Medicine and related fields. She has an Advanced Certification in Auriculotherapy, the diagnosis and correction of ailments thru the use of the ear. No needles are used. She also has studied and become certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques. This is a very simple technique that includes tapping on various acupressure points to correct physical and emotional disorders. Some of the successes with her techniques are relief from Shingles, pain, women's disorders, hormone imbalance, headaches, flu, colds, sinus infections, diabetic neuropathy, financial problems, phobias, low energy, and arthritis.

She also has searched and found the best products that are offered for anti-aging, weight loss and good health.

Quila is an independent distributor for Lifewave Energy, Pain and Sleep patches... These are non-transdermal patches where nothing goes into the body but only communicates with the body's energy system and tell it to make more energy thru burning of fat.

Contact her by phone or e-mail for a FREE consultation.
Phone 928.537.4411


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